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Waiting In The Rain

To Marcy Howard

As the rain pours from the heavens,
It feels like falling tears,
And in the depth of the storm,
These screams nobody hears,
As the wind blows the rain around,
And the heavens open wide,
Happiness hides behind the clouds,
Lost somewhere inside.
Lightning flashes and thunder claps,
As the rain soaks me to the skin,
Bringing a smile to this face,
That lately has lost its grin,
Though the heavens brought this storm,
In the calm they brought me you,
And as the storms come and go,
My rainbow now is you.
My hope is the shining sun,
My pain the lightning’s flash,
Everyday this storms inside,
As heart and mind still clash,
Though the rain is falling tears,
And we wait for the storms to pass,
Living in the storms embrace,
We face our looking glass.
I no longer search for rainbows,
I’ve already found my pot of gold,
Even if all I have,
Are the memories of you I hold,
Every day the storm still rages,
Every day I love you more,
While I live inside the rain,
Its you I’m waiting for.
       Only you!



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