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Passion Play

To Marcy Howard

Can passion be tied to a dollar,
Or does it live somewhere within,
Or can passion leave your life,
Surviving in a grin,
Does it live inside your eyes,
Or is it something you hide,
Holding on to an emotion,
That through time it seems has died.
As we play and frolick,
Are we living out our passion,
Or is it tied to the present time,
And controlled by what’s in fashion,
A tear filled eye holds no answer,
For our issues to overcome,
But if we only run away,
What of the passion we’ve begun.
Passion lives inside your kiss,
It lives inside this dream,
It lives in the possibilities,
No matter how things seem,
You can wear it like a badge,
It can put a sparkle in your eyes,
It can put laughter in your heart,
And can be sated in your sighs.
This passion is for a person,
Its for all those things you do,
And this passion that lives in me,
Only lives for you,
A passion such as this,
Exists every moment of every day,
And as the minutes slowly tick by,
Each moment for you, is my daily, passion play.
     Only you!!!!



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