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To See


For the first time in a couple years,
I finally saw your face,
Familiar feelings flooded in,
Memories still in place,
The heart felt like it grew in size,
Or maybe it skipped a beat,
I just hope it isn’t years,
To have the scene repeat.
I felt like I looked back in time,
And for a moment I felt your touch,
If I could of closed my eyes,
In a dream that means so much,
Funny that just a glimpse of you,
Could make the pain recede,
Just a stamp to accentuate,
The heart was not deceived.
I wish I could have heard your voice,
Though to see you is enough,
Something to make it easier,
For the nightmares that rebuff,
You had no way of knowing,
That it was me driving by,
Finally I could tell the heart,
This time its not a lie.
So many times I thought I saw,
This woman who owns my soul,
Seeing you is one small step,
Towards filling in this hole,
Maybe you don’t even care,
But I know you feel for me,
Love still lives in both of us,
And I’m glad it’s you I see.

March 26th,2016

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