A cup of coffee begins the morning,
It’s a way to start the day,
As the pesky remnants of a dream,
Are asked to go away,
When you awake in the morning,
Are you still tired and soaked in sweat,
Again she came to you in the night,
And the heart won’t let you forget.
For some dreams are always remembered,
While for others a darkness grows,
And if you consider it unlucky or lucky,
Every night the sub-conscious shows,
You grow to expect a recurring dream,
When it nightly visits your soul,
Is it there to make you remember,
Or there to deepen the hole.
Sleep is supposed to rest you,
When your body is tired and spent,
But with this dream coming nightly,
Is life just something you rent,
The details each night are very clear,
It’s as if you’re seeing a ghost,
Though it’s her that you remember,
Is it her or sleep wanted most.
Each night the dream brings laughter,
But the same is true for tears,
Though if your confession is spoken,
You need someone to hear,
Some nights you’re glad to remember,
But there are a few you’d like to forget,
As each and every morning,
You haven’t forgotten yet.
Do our dreams revolve in circles,
Are we cast into fantasy,
Are we hanging on by a thread,
To our current reality,
Suppose in that dream you’re happy,
And awake it’s something less,
Guess we just have to follow,
The heart beating in our chests.
The dream isn’t the issue,
It’s what we’ve grown to know is true,
Love came in and never left,
The dream just lets it through,
So no matter if you’re sad or happy,
If you’re down or full of smiles,
When love visits in the night,
You get to love awhile.

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