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Sleepless Heart


I lie in bed and sleep won’t come,
As a storm is raging outside,
Flashes of light shine through the blinds,
As we somehow hide inside,
We hide the things we truly feel,
And think that no one cares,
While in the night a silent voice,
Screams though none can hear.
I sit and think of seeing you,
There’s so much I need to say,
But it seems the past and memories,
Take all sound away,
It would be nice to hear your voice,
Be music to my ears,
Nothing it seems can compare,
To the voice my memory hears.
As the hour grows later,
Thoughts of you assail the heart,
Does the mind run to or from,
The nightmare of being apart,
I assemble my life’s pieces,
And though awake it seems a dream,
While lying in this bed alone,
Makes memory a flowing stream,
Some nights I wish I didn’t care,
While most I’m glad I do,
And when this life’s pieces are assembled,
The one missing piece is you,
I tell myself you cast a spell,
One that lives each day,
But the heart reminds me what we found,
And has so much it needs to say.
Words now echo in the head,
Love that lives is real,
Events and time cannot change,
What in the heart we feel,
Every morning that I arise,
With the coffee that starts my day,
All the things I feel inside,
Make me not alone today.
The heart has never given up,
It holds you close at night,
Though sleep this night refuses to come,
Only you can make it right,
Awake and lying alone in bed,
Thoughts of you now help me see,
I’m glad we found the things we found,
Though tired love still roams free.

August 7th,2016

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