To Marcy Howard

Listen to the whispering wind,
Hear the tale that it might tell,
And waiting for the voice you need,
The waiting becomes our hell,
As the wind gains intensity,
Its whisper becomes a shout,
And if the day is calm and still,
Its just what life’s about.
As the wind stirs the leaves,
Its the trees that seem to talk,
Watching as two lovers stroll,
And hand in hand we walk,
Yet while the two are separated,
The wind always holds my voice,
As the trees sway to and fro,
And two hearts are left no choice.
The wind can carry the past away,
Yet some things stand the test,
Withstanding any storm that comes,
To stand out among the rest,
Let the wind talk to you,
It speaks of our embrace,
And as the breeze whispers to you,
In spirit I follow you every place.
Yet even if the winds don’t blow,
This heart still waits for you,
And all along the trails we walk,
The one is made by two,
No matter how the wind might blow,
No matter what storm blows in,
If you listen closely you will hear,
Its me whispering through the wind.
Only you



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