Most women are cooks
But a man who cooks
Is a chef
She cooks over and over
To feed the masses
He cooks very well
When he so chooses
Works to buy the food
She must go home
And cook
A woman’s mind
Works like a windows pc
She nags
So she can close a tab
Too many open
At one time
Robs her of her sleep
A woman is thoughtful
She sees each issue
From every angle
Insight that weakens
Her decisions
A man would not care
Man will take her power
But extreme feminism
Will rob her
Of her true value
For there are differences
Beautiful differences
Stand up
Make them value you
So that all
Can work together


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Gary W
almost 6 years

some might say that a man cant cook+but i can cook i can sew and i can even clean. you better take a load off and give it all to me+i like to brush there teeth and tuck them in you go on to bed just leave this all to me+now kids lets say a prayer and wish mommy sweat dreams now let me fluff up your pillow so you can fall asleep+now dady has to do the dishes and pick up the toys two girls two boys......SSHHHH! keep quiet stop making that noise!+mommy needs her rest and her beauty sleep well all right i guess you can have one more kiss on the cheek +dadys making school lunches and packing a specail little treat so you better keep it down and fall fast asleep+now i put on my boots cus theres snow to plow and i have to go to town to buy the food im gonna cook tomorrow +dinner is at 5:15 right after work oh dang thats right momy wanted me to cook cherry cheese cake for desert+and i better buy a flower and put it in the shower so so i can rub it on jer back rub it on her back then i can make her breakfast cus im a MAN that can cook like that!! :-)

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