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I Will Wait

I was so happy to see you this morning.
Just to see that smile of complete adorning.
I keep you close to this heart of mine.
What I wonder what those lips of pure wine.
Would feel like if I just had that one chance.
Or my q of giving me the perfect glance.
I don’t want to kiss you to just to be able say I did.
but to give myself the feeling that I had the highest bid.
I promise to be patient if that’s what you desire.
I wait forever and wait until I have enough of your admire.
I understand why you feel we should wait.
Because I know you nor I really believe in fate.
So take your time baby I’m not rushing you.
I want you to do what you really want to do.
I love how you keep me in complete suspense.
Although when around you I never seem to be tense.


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