Letting Time Unwind

I know you might not believe in Christ.
And I still think of you to be the ultimate heist.
I love making you slightly frustrated.
I find it cute and other feelings overrated.
I hold so much pride in saying I’m dating you.
And I want to see you happy through and through.
It makes me smile to see yours.
It brings out feeling that completely pours.
I am going to give you that perfect hug.
To make you addicted to the drug.
I don’t say this a lot its not really my style.
But I want to be with you for a while.
So will you keep laughing for me?
Even if it makes things go faster than a Grand Prix.
As you can tell I care a lot about our relationship.
Because I know how they can come to slip.
I’ve been in a few and know how to work them.
But not one like this transparent gem.
I will keep you as always in my mind.
And let out time together unwind.

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