Caricamento in corso...

Shaking and Awaken

Never had a place to call home when young.
Hardening on the outside even when stung.
Listening to everyone say arms open wide.
But the pain is the only thing I’m able to hide.
Showing I’m boss a force to be reckoned with.
The stories of my past are not seem to be a myth.
People forgetting my rights of passage.
Fucking people up showing that i am savage.
People no longer stepping up to me.
People scared people just leaving me be.
Derek, Jay, and this blunt are my friends.
People ask how much a gram i say depends.
People always telling me to jump and and try to spit.
And i say chill out man i need another hit.
Feanin for a smoke laughing at my haters crowd.
Loving they hear my voice clear and loud.
Keeping my swagger together around here.
Not trying to hurt ones that are shedding a tear.
Hoping for a new image for life.
Maybe the right girl to be my wife.
but only focused on my carer and my thought.
This love you seem to have me caught.
So i will throw myself in to this work.
For my stupid thought will no longer lurk.
Just wanting to forget all my bad memories.
Seeing you gone not long but feels like centuries.
Trying to see where im going trying to take flight.
Scared of what ive come more evil than this night.
But always thanking for the ones who taught me a lesson.
Although my patience and anger is short thank you for the blessin.

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