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No More

I had a dream and for a minute there was no pain.
People coming by and just end up leaving a stain.
Wishing people would see the suffering in others.
He might be a different color but we are still brothers.
We are stronger together than we ever will be apart.
The media trying to tell us we are not capable not smart.
I can see through the lies and invisible chains.
The one with the money is where the power reigns.
Im tryning to speak up its time to take a stand.
I cant do it alone everyone has to become hand and hand.
The power wants us divided because we are weaker alone.
But I say fuck you with a hesitant tone.
I will fight for what i believe in or die trying to make others see.
Because “ I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees. if I cant live free!”

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