Another Cup

I have her present waiting for her.
It sits waiting on my brown dresser.
Hopefully soon we will get to meet up.
Sit down and talk with a coffee cup.
As I remember she doesn’t care for the drink.
It would probably end up in the sink.
So maybe instead we will just talk.
And maybe go for a small walk.
I am missing not being able to know.
but my worry has started to slow.
I pray to the heavens asking for stress relief.
My punishment has put me under much grief.
I didn’t think it would but it has hit me hard.
My mind away from everything I had to discard.
Im working through my problems but it brings pain.
Not knowing if she is ok is making me insane.
I get that we must be punished but this is torture.
But my stress bearing is getting shorter.
I am about to break and I don’t want to.
What do I need to do to fix things for you?
Im tired of messing up.
I need another cup.


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