Times can be tough, and so very rough,
But to me
No matter how much you change
I’ll always feel the same.
I love you,
No matter what anyone says.
And even on my last Earthly day
I’ll still  say: “I love you”.
I’d rather hug you than tug you.
Pull you away
From any or everything.
I know how it feels
To feel insane.
I know, cause deep down, I’ll never be sane.
I’d die, just too hear your name.
I’d lie, just for you to say the truth.
If you only knew.
I stare, from far away when you dont know.
I smile when you see.
I love you till the end.
Even if you never know.
I hope someday you’ll realize.
Why else would I eternally secretly, be by your side?
I cant wait for the final day.
The day you realize why.
The day you realize how come I’ve stayed,
When everyone else said goodbye.
If only,
I was brave enough to bring it to be soon.


I love someone who doesn't know.. Even though I barely can see him...

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