Caricamento in corso...

τραγῳδία απο-καλύπτω

or “As the Creator Father Intended”

Tragically apathetic comments
heaps of evidence and contrary “netizens”
indifferent to courtesy
a paging oscillation of insensitivity?
Praise, or scornful contempt for others
opinions; are inescapably clear…
arguments, peppered by urging restraint
both from the fanatics and detractors
not objective; factually void of deniability
user unfriendly and crapped out over all of humanity
How shallow…
scope beyond, right or wrong; all personal opinion is trash!
That is how humans practice works and being!
The issue is just one; from ancient ways and times
what was so beautiful, so important; and so worth
all of the wiles of this universe?
All of humanity’s philosophers’ debated what? What is the meaning
of this beast?
So called experts have only continued as discussion
that the conclusions are illusions; as is the so called “best”
of humanity…
an illusion, ‘a whist in the wind’, if one pleases
and, the only somewhat rational conclusion appears to be
that mediocre one; “to each as they please”
of any beholder beheld by such crime and grime and sin
as is the entire fold of humanity is in these daze and times
Butt; is accuracy inferior or superior to arbitrarily splattered
fugues with or without profound expressivity…
then the illogical yet entirely randomness of humanity is
of this irrational lunacy; of a rotten compost?
Compositions are then a matter of opinion and as
each human has an opinion as well as an asp whole
this is a moot and most disillusioning point!
Standards as they may be, in the muddle of this are
compositions of opinions from human asp wholes!
And even these can and will be judged; is an objective
assessment of human value, then, of any value at all?
Garbage; the garbage, first can you identify a
truth within human creative endeavor; any?
Is any creative expression amusement or pleasure?
Is encouraging any society; of its purpose strictly
to amuse or give or take of pleasure?
Meaningful pleasure; beauty discovered, is this what
humanity seeks; of all the components in a society
are these the ones with most value?
Resource or research ‘Tolstoy’, in reflection upon
that “…one man consciously… to others… has lived through…
(is) infused by… feelings… experience… (and is)
(infused with) a considerable value…”
Experience; “Have you ever been experienced, I have”
and used ‘you’re’ talents to encapsulate emotion?
Any successful encapsulation arouses human emotions
is this so troubling, obtaining humane values
just for emotion’s sake?
Creative expression helps all humanity when it is
used humanely and serves as a source of
humane understanding!
Further to this point; effective humane works give
to all humans a conscience helping of consciousness
leading towards a better understanding of an individual’s
human experience; What is this? Logic, simply ‘majik’ and perhaps
this logic will ease and or end the tragic mess that has become of
all humanity!
Digging deep into any thinking, requires logical progression
of all thinking humans; an undeniable fact is this?
For humans to create, thinking must be relative to and
become the major demarcation, separating
all of humanity from all things of the ‘beast’!
humane is only a term and as such is poorly defined
and sorely nurtured by the beings it is solely applied too…
composition or supposition; assumption or asp whole
and to ‘that opinion; what humane human has
nether, neither, nor or either any one of these?
Sounds symphonic; reality’s tonic defers to
a worldwide blanked canvas of silence
living on Earth then is not an artistic endeavour
to create the ultimate humane condition it is simply
reduced to an “Animal Farm” of disorder!
Appeasing a “Inhuman Order’, ‘ober’ loading over all
the ‘other’ suppositional, self-assuming humans
each with their minds up their own asp wholes!
Questioning thus; is the ‘Creator God’ first and supreme
the ultimate creative power and brilliance?
All the wonders that showcase ‘Gods’ creative power
how simply mind-boggling are the works of
God’s Mind!
So what is ‘He’ thinking now, of ‘His’ thoughts
of the current stench of humanity?
Perhaps “fixed news” and that overly paid touting fool Hannity
has an ‘opinion’ he could express through his asp whole!
Glimpsing into the intricacies of that ‘Patriarch’, that one
thought “Job”, which laid the “Foundation of the Earth”…
Imagination’s glyph explodes into an individual’s thinking
mind or one would think so; hope so, high-de hoe!
line upon one’s “corner stone”; cut from the intensity of one
thinking mind’s thought! Whoa! People, “hold on to your Jewels”!
in building; of form specifically, and structure… and as an example amply
are to be done… “in order”, there are no exceptions!
Getting corrupted; did humankind at the concentric center of
a crucifix, construct social treatises based upon
what it truly means to be a humane creature?
Physical Universe; Metaphysical University, Rationality’s
rationing stops short of an observable reality, thus
making, the ideal of humanity strictly and physically sucking asp; the
reality of present daze human beings all!
Pleasure to others give; for your pay! Yes, the most base
and most easily feigned of human characteristics…
mouths opened, palms sweaty and out stretched and each member
of humanity swallowing gobs of forbearance’s spooge!
Thus life passes, and not one human being on this
planet, experiences divine happiness; for even
one half of a Solar Day!!!
The bulk of that day is spent sleeping or in wickedness…
Rather than making a supreme effort to become one with
any spectacular handiwork; humans dwell in the boredom
of a mundane and mediocre and absolutely wicked mind set…
replacing such natural characteristics as beauty, wisdom
and perfection; with base stupidity, blatant immorality, and
just plain old drudgery!!!
Corruption becomes the proof of such snide, smug, and complacent
living; feeding on and growing up with generation after
generation of abused and filthy toilet seats… yes indeed, humans
are that low down and unclean! With minds that match…
the underside of such feces splattered implements…
how disgusting!!!
Perversion proves the only development that humans are capable
of intensifying, of honing, of continuing…
disparity closely follows as the most perverse humans are those most
corrupt and willingly capable of turning any positive thought
into a wickedly negative product and reality!
Humankind proffers mutual disassociation, exclusionary
organizations; and blood sacrifice beyond the imagination
of even the most vile of Heaven’s Creations!
Image of that being, now comes into your minds; utterly
The laughing ‘Fallen Angel’! And is that brother ever laughing!
Of all history nothing, absolutely nothing, stands as tall
as the failure of humanity as a whole; to grasp the
truth of this “larger than all life on Earth imagery!
Humanity’s warped and depraved history, broadcast live
on a second by second basis; out into the entire Universe!
Cultural good swapped for materialist things, relentless determination
in all things good, beat down in a murderous chaos of
civilian deaths, child rapes, and in the selling of an individual’s
true freedoms for a faux security; on a worldwide level
how baseless, how inhumane…
Impulses of darkest ideas, influenced by mind altering toys
and tools and technology accelerate the most corrosive
of these as well as the most viral of the human ideals
which are of the darkest side of bad!
Argument is not an option; as human value is played off as
that question of taste; of individual taste, begging this thought
does wickedness taste better than goodness?
Fact is now a synonym for faux; fool a metaphor for
You and US; judgment purely amplifies that, what
you wish is not a ‘Heaven Sent’ bill of goods!
Purely then humanity’s purpose is not “connected at the hype”
of any written, and or recorded in stone grouping of
subjects, nouns, or verbs; in simplification this is true…
existence, experience, and personal preference misguided by
the mind that feeds upon the minds of all of you
slovenly choosing human beings; your bodies will be used
as animal feed; abet at a standard lower than the
bowels of hell!!! As now
human kind is becoming reverse engineered, reconstructed
genetically, from the inside out; no doubts you have all
been Monsantoed!!! Watch as your flesh is rearranged by that
subversive engineering group!!!
Socially, of course you see; that ‘Social Engineering’, as the
neo-conned M.I.C.’s proverbial ‘cup of tea”…
arguing values, tastes, and facts brings this monkey’s
circle jerk back to square; that one of judgment bare
of and any conditions either written, spoke, or inferred!
Judgment is purely purposeful and ‘that’ necessity you
each know this ‘known’, and feel the tension of this
knowledge razoring the flesh off of your weakling backs…
All you insipidly stupid human hacks!
Openly promoting the ‘Animal Herd’ mentality of this
‘pay to play’ along society; eating vomit sandwiches
and licking beer off of asp wholes, this is the least
of what you will be required to do… should you choose
to join the neo-conned minority just to maintain a
“corporate free lunch attribute”!!!
Celebrating the continuation of personal choice and sin
and deviousness while laughing away as insignificant your
shame, held deep within; as your souls worry!
Guidelines laid down over eons thrown to curb; explanations
for the cause of human grief denied; because, you fools
choose cash from chaos, instead of an
“honest day’s pay, for an honest day’s worth”
Expressions bleed in anguish, our time, our attention held; by
the curse of technology, chemistry, and lack of unity!
Respect, now there is a verb! Is of all good, virtue, and
implied of respectful, lovable character and verve
towards human endeavours, works, and humane
pleasures, the least being an essential moral and
individual purpose; that is goal oriented, group centric
and towards the future emboldened by the work of
good thoughts from good minds; the product produced
therefore must needs be good for all of humanity!
Work, then becomes the ultimate societal engine, a
magnificent tool, and utilized in conjunction with
the fuel of ‘Universal Love’ of each other…
to allow the all of humanity to, as one; change address!
Endeavour’s pleasure simultaneously expressed of
the essential moral fabric that the Universe is
requiring of humanity at this point in time…
understanding work, comprehending order
morality compared to and formed by incontrovertible good
and not for the outcast chaff of wickedly inspired humans…
and in an order, one in which membership helps themselves and
‘theirs’ first and foremost… there will be no discussion… but
for ‘God’ to destroy the ‘temples’ that these ‘lunatics’
have constructed for ‘their’ tribes, or clans, or banks!
And as a concerned member of the species human
you should learn well the overall consciousness
of ‘those beings’, whose sole intent is to
destroy the best of humankind’s creative
abilities and potential, to wrest away from
you the objective discipline of the ‘God’ given
‘will of freedom’, and entomb you and all of the
human species in depravity… and evil…
spiritual maturity has relevance to all life
in the quest for such; an individual must enjoin
in the effort to enjoy, refine, appreciate… the ‘sense’
of common decency and communal enjoyment of accomplished
good deeds; on a daily basis… strive explicitly for each accessible
tangent, reach for an understanding that in each act of good…
more good is generated…
Our lives, our living essence should read as does the best prose
in logic, in grace, in refinements from all genres of humane thought
and in the acts of a loving, kind, and caring friend…
worth of self then becomes that ‘must have lifestyle’
and is an awesome gift, one beyond all measure…
appreciate this message please!
use your lifetime as


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