‘First Step’

Incidental thoughts, casual thoughts,
in ideals both lost and won;
irrevocably slip,
and ideas grasped quickly do subside;
instances play upon things placed,
seem genuine once they’re begun;
incessantly sloughing,
then limped beyond one’s confide;
irritate thee, then frustrate me,
cause this universe undone,
insidiously cleave free all doubts,
leading towards self’s pride;
irrational speak, flows through lisped lipped speech,
these we cast as pun;
intrepidly thick, this ragged tide,
head high and clearly snide.
Individuals joined, to be as one,
seek each other’s ides;
interlink that bond from heaven’s sons,
towards knowledge don’t prove shy;
initiating brotherhood in men,
for women, trust filled sighs;
inherent signs we’ve done and left the ‘caves,
what a lovely prize;
irresponsible though,
who wants rule; oer’ humankind;
indifference bleeds the host body dry,
by rule, each soul dies;
international clique; white, blue, and red,
skewers human’s pride;
indefinitely timed an end is found,
luck brings fortune twice.
Inconveniences plow that crop when shared,
time’s breech slow filled;
from basin bared and mountain felled,
noon’s sun nourished sun’s kings;
instantly known from spirits lair,
whose shadow shields earth’s twins;
eagles dare to vision’s gifts,
as sail to wind and aquifer to spring;
incredibly the seeing blind give heed,
the third eyes shine upon blessing’s birth;
lofty thoughts while Autumn wanes,
few men stood the neo-kings stings;
incessantly bleeds one’s wounds in war,
man’s flesh forever nature’s future;
perch filled presents this myth’s perplex,
what ends the ‘crowns’ regime!
Michael Darrell Walker


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