Bulding Bana Ney Wala (The Builder)

For Muhammad Abdul Malik

Friends, ask first of ‘where’ are you from,
this question begs for an impish answered pun;
family, implies blood, of course first,
however, simplicity’s rule rules each known;
future implores, truth’s present’s course,
is not past’s rue, this obvious and a show;
first words, first impressions follow,
exploring further mews, perhaps just thought’s shown;
country’s origin, subject mute,
self’s knowledge rare, any ounce of sense compare;
company’s comforts, bleed for none,
interest’s whole assumptions; every clown crowds cheer;
corporate lackey or one’s wize,
completely ‘that donkey’, oh what the surprise;
craze as of mind, or its glazed ‘craze’,
exposing the ‘inner child’, laughter and gains;
intension’s mists each heart to find,
instead of substance, soft piddling you bare;
butter not mortar, not strength’s tines,
fabric not essence, this fact easy each time;
redemption’s exemptions, oh my!
otherwise noted, fiction burps frauds align;
glossed staged curtains, hastily hung,
fades does the certain; one’s truths answered all wrongs;
communicate, all men commune,
wisely, as sages’ tools, remember scripts tossed;
never accept thoughts fade, that’s rude,
choose quickly, do not hesitate; that’s for fools;
postulate, pontificate, whoa!
words relate that dream we make; each one know;
regurgitate the truth’s respect,
peruse profoundly that tome, and this fun prose;
lifetime’s but self’s initiate,
carefully fold, and put to wrest, living’s fate;
sordid is this webbed woven bed,
considering, hand and mind its make relates;
happenings to happenstances’
offer’s peen, to selection’s eternal slates;
create in mind’s image, truth’s goote,
tendered from this and build of that; which to choose;
living’s beads, press worry’s last stroll,
evening’s chat, one’s worth to dinner’s goats;
fearful through the ‘builder’s’ vast walk,
conversation’s proof, an emptiness’ choads;
unconscious frenzy, what purpose talk,
irreality fancied; one word world’s mute;
endeavours respective, quiz pud’s pun,
gumptions, assumptions, rejections; that ‘prigs’ snoot!
sneezy the ‘please’ thee, wile’s one princess’ shout!
brawler’s turn poseurs’ minder’s stout,
snorkel the inside, long board; every wave mount;
chortle; an ahem… skin pulled off flesh, oh wow!
what, is this easy truth; one’s word,
trust, that longing term, each true man lives without;
proves soothe to mind’s muse, beyond routes,
nothings’ ventured; usury’s gains; all hail Proust;
each apart, each between; all blends,
or nothingness, its tomb remiss; all works sussed;
man versus beast, whom proved the least;
no one allowed that wind, viewed through all time’s lense.
Michael Darrell Walker


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