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And swallow… All this!
What so fell upon this Earth?
Time and time and more that time is worth
A fill, or fee, or file, a foal, or fowl the likes of me!
Birth to life’s necessity; or a spear to my side!
“Blind mellow”, chillin, thrillin, spillin; all humanity’s blood
Out on this Earth for free! Every body bled bone dry
Talk about a “Red Dawn” coming oh so soon… “Looneytunes”
And midnight bird barbecues in Yosemite; with me!
Time is up and full of itself; as are all of you smug and
Slovenly living monkeys!
Even the owl-yeastily junkies understand the dark’ de’
Intent to inflict “their” brand of passion upon all of Thee!
“Yin and Yang”, pain and gain; all of US loose in the atmosphere
Do you fear that silence in the darkness of your thick headed
Thin skinned numbed to the facts mindsets; maimed by
Your hindsight, blinded by your non-sight of all things
Beyond the tips of your noses; flatulence and shoveled piles
Of putrid burnt flesh flash blasted off in to what
Outer blanked space your tormented children will occupy
Once all the seeing and sensing eyes of lenses or
Listening devices around you find and fly-overs of weaponized drones
Already over your heads now!


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