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Avow in One’s Silence

Stress and tensions,
filling each soul’s downward slides,
caution shaken,
meanness fueling mindsets churned;
no longer every shadow’s feign;
casting fear’s truths,
through morality interned;
thoughts shriek,
as reality earns its ousting;
times hallowed portal seamed,
against fate relearned;
disturbing trends relate,
that time nears endings;
relations, or kin,
from bloodied thoughts returned.
Nation’s reason jest,
imagine who’s suffering;
at one’s right or left,
friends and family dying;
substance undisputed,
“nut wing” blubbering;
once this world’s ‘point’,
now on barrel’s bottoming;
clearly cast tin plowshares,
till heart’s bleat crying;
logic touts life’s cruel gruel,
mind’s focus flailing;
eroding faith’s passion,
for one’s love’s failings;
awakes in thought’s turmoil,
self’s conscious wailing.
Michael Darrell Walker


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