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Antithetikos Sōliloquium or, Personal Aethers

I have inherent loves; I inherited these
Loves and I love these loves…
I also have problems that are in-ordinary
of an extraordinary magnitude or scale…
Most humans feel something at some time in
the daze of their times, in some moments of their
lives and take some time to think about these few feelings…
However, most humans do not!
take the time to think about what it is that they are feeling
at any time in the daze of their lives…
humans not thinking; imagine that… human feelings… imagine those
feelings that humans may begin to feel, should some humans not get real
thoughtful of what it is that “they” are doing that makes most human
beings on this rock feel in-human in their thoughts and feeling in the times
of these daze and these times; the ending ones…
daze and time, time to daze, time does daze one’s minds
for most of one’s daze and times…
are spent in a daze and dazing through their times
not giving a shite about what is truly dazing their minds and making
a daze of their time on this rock…
Is everybody ready to rock? To throw rocks? To bury some ugly rockheads
which are block headed and pointed capped and oh so full of themselves!
I cannot play in their theaters unless I forget all of my past lives
and kowtow to “they” as they play with the daze of all of humanity’s lives?
What a bunch of rotten bananas and conical scalped suck ups!
Imagine that; some pointy hat jackoffs telling me what is up!
phucking knotted slags and asp’ whole’; up to their elbows in bowls of
shite and prissing about like so many prancing prigs promoting profit
As all of this and that…
What are these beings? Some yard full of high priests? Yea they
surely are high on some smug gasses and have their noses up the asp wholes
Of their dominis…
Where is this dominis? This all high and wholly stupefied brother of mine?
Just you all let me know his position on this rock and I will mine him right
on back to his first home…
do you all read me?


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