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Mind’s Rapport

The bond between, mind’s words once penned
and heart’s truth; exasperated thoughts
expressing mind’s din, or clarifying those
mixed deep within unconsciousness
and callous dream; one’s shadowy scene
crying out doubt, into redemption’s gleam
released upon time’s refresh
amidst renewal of one wright’s behest
this gatherings need, blood let, a soul’s bleed
poured afresh to pond, over parchment’s page
then mixed and splayed, until thoughts fused
render that write towards each mind’s surrender
in the enjoyment of this prose read
symbolic once and only thus
as ends to means, tales telling told
bawdiness or feelings bold
whisperings fresh behoove
thinking’s worst and then
behaviour’s drip an empty pen
scratching against this parchment’s thirst
and mind retracts, a fear filled tact
hesitant and then again dissolved
in other words searched, the line resolved
jealously tense and congealed, one’s thrall
ink’s stretch regains an opinion’s stroll
onto further ends, this thought extolls
as finish, to just this one phrase
contained therein, four lines or five
one thought or inspiration
leading where, to some place bared
upon this word wright’s persuasions
thorough twists and turns and subtleties
belie the chance peruse, believe
words meek alone but when combined
elicit an inner beasts cruel fury
or, calm the freaked and lost and dulled
cause to each, an opening mind’s discourse
and further bring to this wrights table set
a friendship earned and continuation
of thought through mind’s rapport.
Michael Darrell Walker


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