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Ongoing Mental De-Evolution

Anyone can write…
and drown in their self-delusions;
from persons into personifications
lists of passions, glorify self’s illusions;
down those lists,
most veiled by incomprehension
one’s passion is most often expressed
as the byproduct,
of misconstrued personal emotions;
therefore, in these briefs that follow
rest some seeds for those
whose mental fields lay perpetually fallow…
Xenocrates, his gods being unity and duality
i.e. episteme, aisthesis, and doxa
are lost to US,
by rue of epistemonike aisthesis;
Mersenne’s numbers,
to Eratosthenes’ sieve
Erd˝os’ factorization,
and Archimedes’ constant conceived;
Holy vowels expressions!
Great Gobs of Goose shite, please!
release US from this context,
relieve this tumultuous tease;
probe Bertrand’s Postulate,
exposing your thinking’s
prime numbers seized;
however shallow, and wordless
your tongue tied thoughts do concede…
so many things are above me,
so many more lay beneath
my scratching, itching, and twitching
these are reminders of my simpleton’s grief…
in this fiat before me
on these issues held, and in my beliefs
that my mind is much more
than the street corner tavern’s
proverbial hat rack…
now that’s a relief!
What is it within US?
that sullen darkness and introversion hides
those snide daily reminders
the eclipse of the sun
and or a debutante’s swoon
a cheap parlour tricks wonder
or that pin-striped baboon’s face
we each express as we howl at the moon…
Excuse me this meandering
but, it is my gut busting chortle
you now so surely conceive
that this little snippet from our dear William
does so help you believe
that we all live this one time
so as ourselves, do profoundly achieve
what your inquisitive conscience
exposes as your life’s
most constant semibreve…
['Think of this life; but, for my single self,
I had as lief not be as live to be
In awe, of such a thing, as I myself.']
in conclusion of
this bit of confusion
do infuse this allusion
as your daily transfusion
of the smack of illusion
and the sole, blithe, transformational revolution
now necessary for your mindset’s
ever changing and ongoing mental de-evolution.


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