There is a Configuration of the Universe

Coordinates describe this configuration
these being an element of the space configured
Go figure! This space differs a bit; for versions of
some wiggling theory! Is the configuration representative
of positions or fields; depends on which “Pilot Waves”!
Or which “Field” is flown over… this configuration
develops into something different; or “spins”, under
a guiding “hand” or “equation”; Maybe! Because
probability current’ or flux’ and these; either or
operator, “the momentum”… Hey just a momentum!
I need a worm Guinness! My parsing is thirsty!
Cauze; this shite spins even the greatest of Tops! What?
The greatest of tops spinning as are the least of all tops?
Why not? That is the name of some of my more favorite
bars! Where drinks are poured and you know; both men
and women wore themselves out for a throw; or pour
themselves drown each others throats… a especially and most
pleasurable favorite thing for humans to do…
Now, come quickly and quite the snickering’; put your
clothes in order and on; and let US get back to
this configuration of this universe and those tricked out questions of…
read this next few lines carefully; please!
And I quote:
(DeBroglie-Bohm theory…) “… an element of configuration
space. The configuration space is different for different
versions of pilot wave theory, …the space of positions of
particles, or, in case of Field Theory, the space
of Field Configurations. the Configuration evolves
(for spin = 0 (?)
According to the guiding equation…” Whatever! Hey, just
where is the mechanic; that mechanic, that can make any
sense at all, of this sense if any, of just this last
grouping of words?
Fore in four lines of guidance writ by; I do not know
my coffee break this eve is most definitely
With no “Mechanic” to make a mess of these thoughts
in words; what is a thought filled craftsperson such as
I; do wright upon?
I really need a partner in this crime of passionate
postulations poised, prisses, primed, PRODE, and
penned what then? A very profound question indeed!
If so; then check out this thought from the same Wiki…
“…the specification of the theory for any quantum theory…“
humping jumping jack’ and joker’!
Specifically thus another fuss or fuzz or fuse or phuck!
So, I left out the disclaimer and the arrow mechanisms
and the tea biscuits!
Oh! and those what if’!
What is this avenue of naught; this invisible yet
known; the toad of all toady holies and thrones
and speeding, crashing, fusing bits of matter that
are complete unknowns?
Bones, such as those Elders splayed and spread, and read
Bones of Ancestors ground and brewed as symbolic drink
Bones as in domino’ that most likely will not be
played, as in “bones in the bone yard”, and
your pulled hand of bones is all blanks, plus!
When the kick off spinner is double six’, box cars!
Are we already walking and working and living
on the Planet Mars?
So, I have been told! For some years now…
Makes one think; if the technology you hold in
your hand, could hold your hand; and it can and does!
What else then has not been shown to US
of these technologies?


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