“JU kwa JUU”

For my Friend Leon “Wamango” Fredrick Bennedict

I have listened to the awe of Nature
to the falls; those rapids and the calm
listened too you; too your listening’, listened too…
too that, too that, Vibration’ Sound’ anew…
positively vibrating vibrations bleeding in
too; your vibrations vibrating your vibes…
your song, as the spiritual essence; you are a soul
and not one half of one; you are a whole!
Thought once made is broadcast news; everywhere!
and not proprietary; not your property anymore
and should you fear to share your thoughts, well
do not fear that thought anymore…
Then, was some three years ago while in a daze
or more in Dubai; and, in one of those daze’
I spoke with one of my sons and he inquired
of me to compose my self and tell him the
word! Of what is in these three: “Up to Up”
“get up” I thought, surely this must imply “get up”!
get up! or perhaps “get off”, as in I shout out
“get off”! Does this however imply a
negative or a positive; or, is this a neutral?
Let US TOUCH it or upon it, or entertain
it; with my tongue… tip! Clit! or is
this digression of the point of my thought
flowing out and down towards my pen once again?
Whose to nose around in My Bee’ Hive’ anyhow?
Certainly not you any or any of you all!
Honey is not as all grain’, for sure! And all Men
can drink of it; in those places where that
certain other beverage is ruled that “sin”; so
sense this makes, for sure maybe?
What! That is my other half trying to halve
my have’ “From a Distance”! So What?
Good question; beginning of one at least!
The issue is “What of Humanity”; can this be more
easily explained? Do you not comprehend that this life is


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