The True House of Love


It is sad to understand,
how limited most humans are
in the thought and the words,
of the love they continually fear.
Within the English language
the word love remains limited,
and of a singular descriptive symbolism;
such as in I love.
I love you
is so misused and universally misunderstood,
what should be first and foremost
is I love me; as we are all,
from the same family of stardust origin.
The true love of all life,
as is exhibited within all galaxies,
and all star systems,
and within the entire universe...
'His’ love for you is that love,
which humans demean so terribly,
and trivialize in their desire
for acceptance by another human being.
Give up this frivolous chase
and open your hearts, minds, and voices
to your true CREATOR.
Look beyond this dimension,
beyond your physical birth,
and life and learn of the beauty,
which is “HIS” love.
'His’ voice, 'His’ thoughts,
for the true spirit child within you...
And in 'His’ house,
your true home;
with all of your relations,
you will give love
such as the
universe has rarely seen...
IAM knows
what is missing,
from your earth house
in these times of our ends...
'HIS’ love!
Michael Darrell Walker
Copyright ©2007 Michael Darrell Walker


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