Epulum vel Fames

Globalization, to gobble this nation,
amidst the future generations lost;
equals, no more humane presence,
this mass, the all of US out sourced;
society’s scourge, the profiteers play,
a die cast turd, who is this boss;
enslavement of submissive meek,
slain men, stained in deceit and dross.
Conscienceless search, for plum profound,
in this lifetime so few to find;
dehiscence, worms indecision’s grind,
one’s conscious wakes, in realm sublime;
humanity’s trolls, pick flesh from bone,
thought weighs upon, a mind’s confine;
paramnesia, spurs this current slide,
self’s worth, expressively that step behind.
Constructive ideas, impart swings of mood,
upon such one all futures ply;
development stills, as intrigue swells,
what is known, a covert lisp so files;
imagination’s stretch, is pulled and bound,
against the stress, all life does fight;
interregnum of thought, a quiet maligns,
icarian liege, now slaved forthright.
Aboulic, minded accurst choads,
talking point gruel, their fare for shillabers;
syophants teem, midst a frenzing liero,
to foil these beasts, be first astir;
enticingly thorough, is an ideal’s bourne,
in mind’s depth its cross deter;
lurid, this read as hunger toils,
Adunis’ banes, pique the stumbled doubters.
Epulation, an evil tryst the end for US,
ill fed, minds equate to this croisade;
demeaning mores, guide the plebs,
in mendacity’s trough, each fed then flayed;
collation’s result, a frugal tray,
those opposed, will reap the coming lustisade;
benefits, bleed as Theaeteus dreads,
on horizon’s view, line heads on palisades.
Controlling interests’ worthless gains,
without the all of US, each is mislaid;
familiars basking, in wicked gloat,
into whose ears, is whispered what cliché;
humanness, the gift that remains,
anger, sloth, greed, and gluttony betrays;
abjured of virtues, in sin we assuage,
farewell to all, its the ending of this age.
Michael Darrell Walker


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