E.T.s Tome

Unearthly bright… as humans we can see, barely
this bright emitting its light through the fleshy veil
that the body human truly is…
for beneath Bethlehem like everywhere else
is the ground, stupid!
As we take a probe, to the ground underneath our feet
So too do others, they been doing it for countless
Centuries… why fore then are you and me
Worried to the nth degree
or at least when it is 150’ in the shade!
War invades peace on a universal basis
think carefully then about some decisions making this error
in human judgment or just human stupidity releasing that
beast or many more really bad mother fracking murderous
killing machines out of that proverbial “Clear Blue Sky”!
and they say, “lightning does not strike twice”! Really?
Help, aid, causality… Heaven’s forbade the ending
of all humanity as the predominate species within
this sphere still yet spinning properly so you all can
keep you “funking” boots on the ground!
Is my message being received?
Yep! Life is in every ones Uranus, probing thus we know this
Next time you idiots piss on your brothers and sisters with
your little tools of war and death and destruction
that “shock and awe” twiddle sticks shite
Think about what is over your heads…
Each and every day and night 24 / 7’s / 365
And yet you live? Yes, we let you continue to do so
Ah so, you are clearly listening and watching and filming US
Care to discuss a worldwide disarming?
Now do not be timid, or alarmed, those times are over
our rovers are in places too
and they are as in your movies, buried deeply
sleeping quietly, waiting for that signal to arrive
no jury needs to be grand about these things
They are what they are… as big as your cities!
Think about how big you are, in comparison to
the bacteria in you’re a-wholes you asp holed numb knotted
piles of Monkey dung!


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