Never Coming Back

Inspired by the word works of amy herrera

I see you,
strong, commanding;
staring endlessly,
never for even a second;
I feel you,
you are intimidating;
passion bleeds from you,
I come to you;
you hesitate, opportunity missed,
disappointed, you try to stand again;
ready, my eyes are on you,
second chance, you hesitate;
glance around, see who is watching,
hang your head, mumble in despair;
odds against you, planted to the ground,
lock on to me, your last chance;
give me all you got, here I am,
head right out, beyond forever;
you don’t care, just keep running,
only look back, to make sure I’m gone;
in your sight, for a moment longer,
hoping you would ask me to stay;
you pray, don’t change my path,
you wish for me, you wish to love me;
but then, you know I’m never coming back.
Michael Darrell Walker


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