Caricamento in corso...



We students, are the future
and as nurturing features
all must respect, and obey
Nature, as our muse and teacher
however, we must willingly
obey only the one true leader
not those around US
who want to lead US
around by the hairs in our noses
Yes, we must obey societal rules
and respect valid laws and civil orders
but no one on earth is our superior
in any way, shape, or form
they just happen to have more cash
and property than we own
On the suggested point
that as human beings, we must obey…
this would lead all of US
bound and blind, towards oblivion
Oblivion is not invisible
nor, is it invincible
what is incredible, is to suggest
that anyone bow down to oblivious
laws and orders made as edicts
by those leaders
who consider themselves superiors
because they bought
their positions with their owed money
Yes indeed, we must awake
and cast those oblivious rules
forever out of our thoughts and dreams
especially that we are destined
to sleep through the night
balderdash! I personally
love to view heaven’s stars!
I can catch an afternoon nap if I must!
so why make a fuss
of not sleeping while its dark?
Now, on that issue
of obedient children
the bootstrap on the buttocks
after the very first transgression
worked wonders for me!
Boy! did I open my eyes and listen
to the sound of that strap
beating the blood out of my flesh
needless to say… those imps and demons
flowed out with that flood
of my youthfully heated blood
enough said about beat-rating
the flesh of innocents
We, as adults and parents
must teach our children well
by showing, and not telling them
how to respect their elders
any other form of edification
is purely poetic
and cow dung in notion
We, have a problem with
this environmental thing
the two things that humans
do well, well you know what these are
consumption in mass quantities
and expulsion of urine and feces
emphatically put, with empathies
verging on the pathetic
and literally written…
We constantly make these mess’
in our own rice bowls!
and that noise we make in the process
makes the blubbering in Babylon
sound like a cub scout sing-a-long!
To all creatures great and small
we humans owe an apology
no further discussion necessary
and to our Mother’s Nature owe
a thousand lifetimes of servitude!
Here is this “oblige superiors” again
what a sin! there is nothing superior
to be kowtowing too
Binding together with each other
practicing love and affection
this is a given for all of humankind
The question is, what
on earth are you all thinking?
do you truly believe that no one
is watching this madness
playing out all over this globe?
So, before it comes to pass
that all humans, who, are in effect
sinners of the highest magnitude
take their last breaths
obligate your selves to this
open your minds and get a conscience!
because burning forever in the spirit
well, you really do not want to go there!
Vice, what a nice way to describe
basic human tendencies
in sleep, work, and or play
one’s thoughts do so stray
away from a socially normal
to an individual’s abnormality
whatever to that person this may be
B.F.D.!, just stick
to practicing kindness, and caring
for the welfare of all others before yourselves
and you will do just fine
Anger, and anxiety nix
the morn’s sunrise, and evening’s kiss
and should be dealt with accordingly
on the first, “take a powder”
and then hum a familiar tune
on the second, hold a friend’s hand
or stare lovingly at a full moon
and breathe in a full deep breath
thanking your god that you can
and do not forget to put
“the lime in the coconut,
and drink em’ both up!”
And finally, let’s go swim in the ocean
and pray that God shows up
before that great white shark!


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