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Relative to the Cube

Consider the cube
as a unit of measure,
a measure of substance
of volume, of weight;
now give this unit meaning,
divine its sole nature,
and relate it
to your life’s efforts and fate.
What in your lifetime
has brought you true meaning,
that never occurring event
of which you are dreaming;
then draw upon memories,
and visions of your being;
calculating how each rare thought,
seems so fleeting?
Should you capture one event,
which stays in your mind;
share it with your true self,
and seek deeply to find;
the hard facts within thoughts
that are so defeated;
by your passionless life’s dreams
left uncompleted.
So now, you have realized
your most intimate fears;
that you have wasted the one gift
you neglected for years;
the true human concept
that all beings live as one;
and dug out in cubes that chance given.
now you are gone.


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