Pristine Dream

Inspired by Bina Shireen Faruqi

A call of love is heard
winds of wish find you tonight
open please your life
for heart and soul love reignite
wet your lips, kiss the dream
prepare for pure delight
in love’s arms your essence begs
a loving truth’s invite.
Open window, passion beckons
sweetness cleaves new moon
starlight lips your silhouette
in lust’s hands you swoon
first embrace stirs your love
coming’s height reached to soon
tremble so through dawn’s light
cry out your loving’s croon.
In your eyes lay life’s content
pure music to your soul
all fallacy of evening’s thought
one ineffable union will console
in inspiration’s rapture
passing moments makes you whole
with ecstatic ebullience
living’s essence loses control.
For body, heart, and soul
you will this dreaming tryst
as night blends to morn
passion swells to lust’s catalyst
wished words prove true
love’s gift a conceiver amorist
your grail once pure now recherché
full is its consist.
No more fades your hope
in love’s arms you kiss the dawn
passions melt in warm embrace
to living you are drawn
mind’s reverie cloys reality
longing is thought foregone
one pristine dreams conception
inflames your love’s life’s hone.
Michael Darrell Walker

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