Today’s Spirited Verse

Awakened to new rising dawn
one spirit seeks that song
confusions clear of mourning’s tears
life kiss an echoing moan
holding morns breaking light
parched lips drip of soulful omen
captive life now freed
soar high to greet this morning sown.
Enter senses, those of strength
now clear of living’s pains
instinctively on passions rift
prove past, lone straggled pawn
conscientious realm, renewed mindset
knowingness so pines
modality rues an inner angst
spirited tune soon feeds upon.
Mindful soliloquy cheers musing
dancing with horizon’s wind
assiduity grants tonguing tunes
lisping verse of lyrics wised
sanctions taste of fulfillment
age shorn of paroemia wizened
ambivalence strewn inconstancy
shrouding arcane wise man.
Creativeness weeps subliminal tears
sweat tasting pungently
scantily transferring notes to mouth
vibration rings cogently
adorning rhythms embody melodies
quodlibet spoke luculently
intrigue spills eternally
upon one’s berceuse penned opulently.
Salubrious tones, resounding tunes
expansively heard aubade
contemplation, what prompts this song
one’s sultry oeillade
estiferous truth, this sprit holds
a boldly scorching accolade
leavening thrums of alacrity
quiescence each soul’s serenade.
Michael Darrell Walker


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