Rainy Daze

“Rainy day, dream away
Ah let the sun take a holiday
Flowers bathe an’ ah see the children play
Lay back and groove on a rainy day”
Jimi Hendrix 1968
A weep at first
to cure a thirst
becomes a cloud bursts fray
the earth sips deep
of questionings glyphs
a mind soon returns to
youthful puddle playing daze
the dream’ intend is
for a drought to end
a return to stationary and
normal weather ways
the clouds return, the
soil stops burning
a relief provided by providence or
bye chance one’s yearnings
the grifting natures; of humanity
in a “Three Card Monty” played
a slight of hand does so stand
against the awe of simpler times
the rain now comes
with the gusting winds
a bind to bond twined powers play
into a more potent and fearsome slam
the hours pass, the rain at last
becomes that three in one parley
a rage, a warn, a worry;
uncompromisingly formed
the banks of clouds
as the banks becloud
a swirling weather pool
of raging flood potential
the water falls
like the “Bridal Veil”
a most profoundly fear filled sight
especially at late snow thaw’s height
the imaginations reared
by a downpour’ tears
a Heaven scent or Hell is
on, in an unrelenting pain
the mix of these
astounds one’s ease
a lament; for in pain
is drinking water gained
the odds are indeed
and in an oddity
a tit=for=tat; “the good
for bad, gets ugly”
the rain, a pleasure’ sheen or
on this day death and wet demons
a fiasco; living’ fresco; an echo
slimmed or splendored
the conflict bred of want
or life’s simple needs
a gift in sweetness given, or a
warning from the highest Heavens
the rain; without, no doubts, we die;
no other options are given
a thought therefore
proves necessarily necessary
the truth is a daze
our world is ablaze
a rainy daze redemption’s
bless is daringly caring
the source from which
these blessings flow
a Heavenly respite
a gift this day and night
the result therefore
is thinking’s cower
a reaction to reaction’;
its time for profound reflections
fore the daze to come, have all
“passed as this; so many times before”.


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