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Resound's Prose

Zeitgeist, inclined towards heart of youths,
yielding sounds, questioning one’s dull world;
Xanadu, wishing thoughts to soothe,
will’s gift, leaves their once misguided thrills;
Vassa’s Gate, fell on pendules swings,
ubiety’s where, fadaise compteur;
tacaud du femmes, against such gales,
strictly spoken, centrism’s passé;
recuse Odysseus, forsake that horse!,
question those spanking, whilst wanking;
papa’s mummy, quaffs pecker’s honey,
op art’s waft, the bunny’s pungle;
Naughty yet nice, this image of you,
muck mucking mules, mull mucking muck;
loosely stuttered, fingers buttered, well?,
KKKlucking, Cacapon bound!;
jactation’s twist, world’s conflicting waste,
iamb prance, psychedelic trance;
haggardly blokes, stole the Dauphin’s coin,
gabfest priss, gleans thought’s gemstones;
fun versus form, everywhere always,
eagled holes, Anu’s azure eyes;
dabbling taps, mime dribbling pips,
caballing lyrists, muse rhymes;
baaing freely, eases living’s feigns,
abracadabra, that’s all folks!
Michael Darrell Walker


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