Seeking Sanity

In a lifetime
of thoughts now lost
and on that day
where the sands of your time
cease to trickle down
upon the floor of life
nothing is the something
you bring to mind
in hope for that last clear view
over the dark and shear wall
of unknown futures to come.
Blurring visions
of excused moments
and opportunities missed
blitz the screen that flickers dim
behind your slowly closing eyes within your mind
bringing you to the base
of that dark tomorrow
in which you fail to find relief
or a chance to breathe a breath
as you could in your youth
and glimpse the light of hope
rising above the cresting peak
of a life’s fortunes made
before the ending of your worldly time.
And where in this moment
is an individuals sanity to be found
perhaps within a single point of view
that in a rain of lifelong emotions showers
one drop of hope will fall for you
within which will be found that hopeful seed
of prosperity which guides you
as it grows along the way in this life
to emotions rest and your sanity found.
Michael Darrell Walker


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