Thanks Giving

"And the times of this ignorance; God winked at;
but now, commandeth all men, everywhere,
to repent! (Acts 17:30)

Interesting it is, what gets printed
in the fine print on the other
side of a Business card
especially on those cards that
you considered flippant and flipped
them into the jockey box, or
slid them under the pile
you keep on your dash
seriously, how much is the thought
worth? that one which came
from the card presenters mind;
I suppose it is a write-off or that
he or she makes more income
than I; curiously enough, I have
a card and it is my online handle
my call out to name in print
is Michaelw1two, simple for sure
“when there is something strange”
flowing through your brain...
who ya gonna call?" presently
what is your purpose?
Is it “special”?, does it have leg?
can you get a handle on it, or
grasp the asp of it, or do you really
give a shite? You might, if you
want to live; in my universe!
personally, I care, however; that is
not my point, you are conjoined beings
i.e. both flesh-terminal and
spirit-eternal, are you wearing a capuche?
no doubts about this; you spend most
of your daze, sittin, shitin, pissin, dissin
diggin... your own graves!
responsibility, all yours, remember that
"free willin thang? Can you hang...
your heads in shame now?
I am guessin nope! That you are still
those mentally hopped up on your
dopa-minded attitudes about your self
interests and more focused on the
point of your noses; poseurs plenty
you all are! I’ll bet that when you
wish upon that star you think that
star is you! blind little savanna monkeys
you still be! listen to me, give thanks to
the big guy, for allowing you to yet breathe!


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