The Child of the Eagle and the Dove

At dusk today,
I saw in the sky my family;
my MOTHER the dove, on the left,
myself right above,
beneath us, with his mighty wings spread,
and talons open and ever so ready to kill.
What a sight,
his eyes are on fire,
and the earth moves to shield herself
from his crushing, and rendering claws;
and I circle above with mother,
calmly watching all of this,
and casually circle down to him, and look up at him;
and then I quietly ask him, what is on for dinner?
As he looks down at me,
and gives me his glaring eye;
he speaks quietly, with forcefulness and then says,
our menu tonight, will give hundreds of millions a fright;
for I hunger, for sinfully filled masses of human flesh,
so its on down we go;
and its a hell of a good show,
as we rip, into all evilly stuffed, and blubbered beings.
Soon we are all covered, in rotting bad blood,
waves of it, causing a flood;
finally, down comes my sweet Mom,
and oh boy, is that raving mad bitch ever hungry!
Michael Darrell Walker

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