The travels of Marco Polo, chapter XXII
City of Cambaluc (Beijing) (traffic and population)

“moreover, no public woman resides inside the city,
but all such abide outside in the suburbs, And its wonderful
What a vast number of these there are for the foreigners;
It is a certain fact that there are more that twenty thousands
Of them living by prostitution. And that so many can
live in this way will show you how vast is the population.”
At peace? What a joke! Humanity at peace?
Look; your hearts are bleeding out… and you do not
recognize this; because you are all soul less and
just drivel off of the lower lip of Satan… Humanity
blessed with the best wishes of the most awesome
Father; has faltered and come, as one; mass
of flesh, to the edge of “that pit”; and the
majority of you all could, to be polite; give
a shit! This sleeping sickness; this contrived
illness, this spiritual stillness is an indication
of the lack of your relationships with: God!
And as we all, the each of US knowingly
want his call, on a daily basis… Why
are all of you dallying about your circumstance
this is your last chance! At a species
level redemption… Need I mention any
thing else! Oh, is this somewhat foreign
to your souls, that within “whole” that
humanity dug; upon a pile of septic dung
coming from the tongue of “that one” who
ate of your sin… For how many years?
Not enough it seems! You bunch of rotten grapes
and walking stacks of queer and spastic bastes of
lamb smear… Still do not hear the “Word”
look! Within you is an engine; and, is it
not this “Heat”; abet an invisible one, you
refer to as “essence”, a plausible thing, or
your “spirit”; your feelings filled thing, an entity that
the universe whole knows; your soul! Holy
Smoke! Yea, this ain’t no joke! You got
played by that “under worldly Rope-a-dope”!
that “shadowy shallow” yet oh so potent
adversary in any ring, way, shape, or form
So, how guilty are your aims and means and
hands? And or, soul and essence and all
of your worldly things? And things and thangs
those stirrings within thee… murmurings and
mutterings and mutton; not, molten burning
fleshy strings that humanity all are soon to be!
Hominy grits and buttery fritters, yes!
all humanity will be calmed and turned; as on
a spit at the July festivus-ivity you all shall
“shallow howl it” at, watermelons sliced and
apple pied and murderous pride expressed!
Narrowing down the “pitch”, arriving at that
“fork” or “trident” upon which as my brother
“Vlade the Impaler” did, back in the hey daze
Of that blood spilling craze oh for another fifty
mics of Jimi’s “Purple Haze” spread yourselves
thick like mayonnaise upon a hammed and slammed
pink human flesh sandwich came from which part of the
universe? What could be worst? Wool or skin-of-human
sans all the parts thereof? Whoa!
“Nella-hella-jilla”, Magi really is that a gorilla? Or
IAM the “King Kong” lifting all throngs, righting
all the wrongs this wearing thongs and singing
songs of bewitching against what is coming…
Yes, you fee-males or so you are thinking
Bits of Adam’s R.I.B.; no you all will not
R.I.P. because you see that truth in these words
Herein… So, “grin and bare them;! For herein
your society, me and my men will be taking it
all back! No more “thousands of points” of
unrighteous nests of cowering cowards and siphoning
“flowers” who think that “Puss-ited Power Rules”!
Forget it damnit! “Prick Power” is the term
for in this “hour” of “universal” time you and your
children have left to live… on this planet or
on another plain janed got this message clearly
at the laundry on El Segundo this day! Sun Shines
stars twinkle; and you bunch piss your panties
soaking wet with fearful tears cause’ you
have strayed so very far away from your
Heaven given gifts and responsibilities!
You dumb asses; and I do me ignorant and
resentful and Miss Behaviour’ beavers!
or “Wally” questioning why they are such
beings as females who “don’t” mind you as
a male; because in this cuntry of americunts
you don’t fucking matter! You in their minds
are just around to pay the bills!
Snorting, slobbering bull snot! Not in my world!
To come back into being as previously mentioned
In that part of “all” books each being made up of
All of the “same” words and phrases and
adages and pretty much numbers of and on pages
by sages who knew or did not comprehend what
exactly would propend your bent and twisted
mindset has turned into the ousting of all
humanity from Earth’s corporeal “University”!


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