“War Pigs” revisited

veteran’s day 2014

“Generals gathered in their masses
just like witches at black masses”
2014 midterm nightmares gleaning
middle states bleed, from neo-conned scheming;
brown shirted, bragging haters leaning
innocuous swarms with black swastikas gleaming;
blond haired and blue eyed devils seed bestowing
that “beasts” gift of liberty in prisons, the proletariat storing;
“all right now!”
women, children, crippled, and innocent going
to hell in that hand basket, a-weave of their kowtowing;
at nut-wing republican sentiment screaming’
and the cash cows insidious corn-holed wolfing’;
of the “centrists” awl shucks on their voting
belying priviledge and uselessly gaw-huffing;
those a-stupor by that evilly plied“weed”
that they are constantly a-huffing;
“all right now”
selfless twits content to let stand the intent
of the “citizen’ united” crazed and hate filled ruling;
turn cash to “king”, and screw the “little people”
give the “crown” it’s long sought renewing;
In Amerika, now land of enslaved dweebs
those unconscious fools are blusteringly drooling;
these mindless idiots upon whose necks
the hobnailed boots are now a-stomping;
“all right now”
the slothfulness and disinterestedness
from their lifeless bodies frothing;
freedom’s dissed and liberty’s a-missing,
as democracy’s true edicts are being pissed on;
the end results are to be soon shown
in boiling kettles of their progignere’ spilled blood!
"all right now”
you ignorant muddling masses,
deserve the consequences
of your political inactions
you all must really enjoy
this arseholing you are taking!
this makes amerikants the cum
in scummy boo, boos butts you truly are…


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