I don't know what to call this mess yet haha!

Always waiting.
In the past.
Always waiting.
Waiting for something.
Became tired of waiting.
For that something.
I was tired of waiting.
For that anything.
Life seemed hollow.
Extremely empty.
Every drop of passion,
drained right out of me.
Love was gone.
Energy, long lost.
Everything, at last,
all came at a cost.
Always looking for something.
Anything to escape.
Grew tired of trying.
There was no use.
Life’s vicious cycles,
of self inflicted hurdles.
And every mundane goal,
Oh, how they had taken it’s toll!
Grew tired of the routine.
Exhausted from the cycle.
Those self inflicted struggles.  
Each day, just trying to get through.
Always trying to get through life.
But isnt life supposed to be for living?
And not something to have to get through?!
My eyes are now finally seeing everything that is true!
Now, I am here.
No longer am I struggling.
Nor trying to get through.
My life is being lived.
My dreams can now come true.


Work in progress.

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