beyond the blue blissful horizon

    beyond the blue blissful horizon
yes the solstices and equinoxes
of life of nature Iike clockwork will unfold again take place once more
all through the ages of time repeat
we welcome the ever changing constant in nature... of life
we gear up against the stormy threatening ones
we celebrate the incredible beautiful rainbow flowers
we savor shower run naked like kids under
the sparkling invigorating raindrops
the sun rays streaming through the canopies
we walk again the green labyrinth
trails of the mountains bewildered
along the gentle rivers we swim
we raft the whitewaters screaming
we find ourselves again showered
with bright golden red leaves
as the soft cool winds once again breaking the thick summer air
with the music of the angels
from the firmament clouds
we dance in rhythm the seasonal sounds of their arias
we lay down on the clover meadow
Dali’s butterflies hopscotch over
we listen in silence to their songs
hungering for love for life
like the haunting bird calls
soulfully entwining
with the cool air of October
we spread wanton and hopeful
in awe mesmerized before the enchanting beauty of nature
a panorama of seasonal colors
now a bewitching luster of white landscape
light winds pirouette here and there
seem to call us to a dance
be with them be in the next
solstices equinoxes waltzes
sing laugh cry with joy once more
that indeed the cycle of life repeat
beyond the blue blissful horizon
photo: Nasa’s Apollo 17 “blue Marble” Earth Image
—Giclee Photo Print

...a beautiful incredible wonderful world we live in...full of life...full of love...the all in the one planet paradise earth...

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