The Devil Can’t Swim

homing dove

The Devil Can’t Swim
                        homing dove
Into the dark hole crawl you did
into oblivion far and away
into the deep river of the cave
subconscious full lotus you dwelt
Retreat search happiness peace
Yet the journey deep scarred your being
like the rock river of red molten lava
fossilized layers of forgotten time
snaking the labyrinth passageways
Tunnels of the subterranean home
chambers where mystical flute notes echo
glide soothingly into your subtle body
spirit that is gently kiss whisper blown
float walk glimmer on water and weave
into the chakra channels of your soul
You exhale breathe sink in
The haunting dove song of love eternal
wraps around the longing meditating
silent heart the loss of halcyon days
treasured beloveds kept secret locked
in the attic depths of reminiscences
distant still hopeful love comes back
Bloodshot arise you did alas awaken
from the deep river uncertain stupor
quenched from a healing magical flute song
composed smiled you murmured to yourself
“He thrives in hell! The devil can not swim!”
from the dark river cave out to sun you swim
fly home like a dove
Photo: Rock Dove by AD Wilson/natures 2006
Title of the poem “The Devil Can’t Swim” is in reference to Bible: Isaiah 59:19, and has been used by other writers.

We all heal from pain and loneliness in time. Faith-Hope-Love our pillars, oars and wings.

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