Dancing in the street

Essay reaction to the news about the latest qualms among the top Covid advisers in FDA in view of the current C19 latest most infectious variant mutation XBB.1.5 that is spreading worldwide, our new normal.

                    Dancing in the street

Of course FDA the authority on Covid 19 and on many other public health concerns is holding hands with WHO. Covid 19 in all its mutated appearances to kill us humans had challenged this authority to no end, literally no end in sight as the virus keeps on metamorphosing to a new form. Like a kid’s toy transformer only that Covid is more versatile.

And of the latest one, everyone got excited. The FDA, the WHO, the Big Pharma! “Let’s have another booster!”

Where there is authority as sure as hell there is anti-authority. “No more boosters!” “Everyone is getting positive with the Covid. And everyone is recovering faster than expected.” A twilight zone.

Even with this attitude at the very top of the advisory level, the pros and cons of the Covid health spreadsheet, we have progressed to a deeper stage of the public taken as a captive market. The product as always is fear. The agent remains the Grim Reaper. He didn’t have to fidget with his trident and scythe, he is just happily walking down the Main Street USA no matter the gravity of the mutated latest avatar of the virus is. He is dancing in his death alley. “This will go on ‘til time is no more” as he kicks up his heels down the road whistling a happy hell song whatever that is.

All this considered and the latest but surely not the last advocations and disagreements from the Covid medical authorities, I am taking the way we all had taken from the word go:

wash, sanitize, wear mask. keep distance, avoid crowds however in order and situations these are to be done. And advise my family to do the same.

Not putting a lampshade on some of the arguments against taking steps namely new vaccinations to prevent further spread of the virus but rather it’s our life not anyone else’s. And we want to live with or without the reaper in our midst. That is all.

Not imposing on others. I respect their beliefs. And yes boosters we will take no matter our ages are. Better walk on the surface of the earth than get stuck underneath.

Putting out information about what one can do and not do to prevent further spread of the virus is a good public service... there for all to be informed and to take note. Who to believe? It is you, trust your heart where goodness dwells. Expect more of this development for as long as the virus is mutating and the reaper is dancing in the street kicking up his heels whistling a happy hell song.

(c)ndr 01.13.2023 Friday
Photo: online istock

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