The Color Of Your Ribbon

Mystic Peppercorns

The Color Of Your Ribbon
I love the color of your ribbon
Speaks life to your hair
Sings roses to your smile
I love the color of your ribbon.
There is twinkle
In every leaf you touch
Each leaf resonantly sigh admiration
Breathing in sunlight seeking
Oneness with mystic you.
Is you is nature.
Could I but sing glory to a rose
Not less your radiant eyes
Aglow in the flowering mallow fields
Of sighing sun soaked  ambergris petals
Not less the hues of lavender across
The green vines tricolored peppercorns
Not less you
I love the color of your ribbon.
©NDR mid-1960

My campus girlfriend in college, a beautiful mystical person, showed up on a date with equally dazzling mystical lavender ribbon on her satin black hair. I was floored! We had a wonderful dinner and saw a mystery movie that remained totally "mysterious" to me as I plainly just enjoyed her company.

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