Spring Chameleons

Ode To Spring

Spring Chameleons
             Ode To Spring
           . . .
Bountiful garden
    Lilac Sunday monarch shrubs
Bees buzz songbirds sing
    Floral wheels geometric sheens
    Daisies red roses lilies
            . . .
About time the Sun dances with Earth
My tail has been cold the first winter nip
Tricolor leaf of fall its last haze of sunset
The last lizard snuffed by tiptoeing egret
Shake I must my whole body atrophy
Stretch my neck arms my muscles
Let loose the pains that lingered
Frost clinging barnacle-like all wintertime
The warmth that hibernated within me
In the attic of my dreams the sinewed empty
Bowels of acceptance in my soul spring forward now
Heat up anew the pace of life with renewed values
Marvel again at the tea bag tags the swing set
The red roof barns the lemon trees naked toes
The wet basement the soda fountains soft cones
The wide white beach the Abominable Snowman
Float with Beethoven’s fourth from symphony nine
Hold embrace the soothing waves of Vivaldi’s spring
The myriad blossoming back of nature’s fragrances
Gauguin Van Gogh freezing to canvas its vibrant life
Our moods are alive again blueberries raspberries
Unfrozen no pumpkin pies in sight no cranberries
Things bugging all winter now posted on cork
Like vanity license plates to stare for green light
Believe again laugh at your self once more get fresh
Slow dance your partner a night to remember
Have breakfast in bed with the sun rising
In a cool almond morning of caressing breezes
Wonder at the lacy leisurely yet fleeting patterns
Of clouds conjuring familiar figures of nature
Of the rainbow surprises from the wild blue yonder
As you sip cinnamon spiced celery speared sangria
Yes indulge in the Sun’s gifts the rays of life
The hopes and dreams we walk into come out
A new person ever resilient pain a past the lizard now
Chameleons from the heron as the sun sets a dark sky
                                           . . .

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, a long shadow! Hope he comes out,
enjoy the sun,meet some friends - chameleons, lizards and herons -
in this progressively color changing spring time he had hibernated for
all winter. And have fun! Dance with friends and, have a red heart,
with enemies as well!
Photo credits: Pinterest/dgrin.com
Video: NDR

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