Bound By Honor

                    Bound By Honor
And you said “yes I am in”
And you ran the gauntlet
Of hard wood paddles for starters
With fires coming out of their ends
Swung by blood hungry screaming dragons
Red smokes coming out from their ears
And presented yourself
At the end of a long fiery mad run
To the Hades gate keeper
Monster Tartarus Dragon
Who whacks your behind
   with all his hellish might
You staggered disoriented confused
Ripe for the devils devouring for the day
A questioning of your emotional stability
Arresting testing of your physical endurance
A complex searching of your naked soul
Dehydrated under a steaming hot tropical sun
Prepared you were centered
Give me more you muttered
And you come out from what
   seemed to be an eternity
Quitting did not cross your mind
Your mental capacity strong intact
Bound by honor
All things you let go
And finally
Be in the fold of a brotherhood
You earned it
You are indeed in
Welcome Brod!
The sweetest words you heard
You are a brother
Tau Alphan
Photo:ndr Tau Alphans in Las Vegas September 2018

“Brothers in every way...live and love alike..”

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