it is a good thing

Ace Kept In The Hole
           it is a good thing
Two moves to checkmate
Guy to the left holds and checks
Next guy deep breathed folds
Two cards on the table still face down
Smug with two games in the back pocket on the flight home
Three home games squandered
Two moves to checkmate
On the road to fame or oblivion with two games left
Sixth game saw a glimpse of the light
A bright ray beyond the dark tunnel
Second of two last moves immobilized the king
The seventh inning seventh game secured the crown
And the song began
“Take me out to the ball game...”
The hotdogs selling hot
The peanuts and cracker jacks hollered-thrown
An Stravinsky concert of red caps And red shirts swept the bleachers
A pandemonium advent of a new era boisterous back home
The king had fallen
The last card an ace
Last two innings raised the trophy
Long live the King
Days of drunken celebration screaming dancing in the streets
A long time coming a childhood moment of abandonment
Almost a century of being tokens
Pretending being the champs
Dreaming keeping the joy
Keeping the ace keeping alive
The faith in the hole at all times
It is  a good thing
Photo/Video: grab Game 2 Fox Sports TV

Washington Nationals 2019 World Series Champions-finally the joy of winning,

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Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

I was also very glad they won. I love the way you described it. I wish something like that would reach the newspapers but it probably wouldn't. All they want is just the facts, the dry facts to put us to sleep.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

Glad you like. Thanks Robert.
I watched Game 5 as well, 3rd home game the Nats lost but something else showed up- two women flashed bare breasted.
Never know what you’ll see next-more fun with a cause for breast cancer so they said.


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