The Summer Cat

A Vignette

The Summer Cat
          A Vignette
The cat sitting still on the boardwalk under the shadow watching
The bustle the bikinis under the azure sky spread out on the sands
Yonder over the lush canyons riverbeds and valleys the sunbeams
Streaking colors into the green canopies arching above the walks
Over the trails where the strollers birds and the squirrels waltz
Breezes of smiles cheers prancing dogs on leashes... more smiles
April showers blossoming now into myriad scents singing summer flowers
Prom dressing up of the eden garden only Mother Nature can do best
She continues to line up the pathway and cobblestone alley trees
With rainbow bow ties and color wheel cummerbunds pomade sheens
Broadcast sparkling sun rays filtering through the lush forest leaves
Touching the pond still water whispering hello to the minnows the tadpoles
The monarchs nymphs satyrs and bees as they sashay the fields of peonies
The dunes... bikinis... the boardwalk... Helios winks kisses the yawning summer cat
* * *
Photo: ndr My cat Colby, a gift from my son. She lived to be 14 years old, pampered and loved.

“Summertime and your mama’s good looking...”

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