creature comfort

a fantasy feast with the critters

creature comfort
             a fantasy feast with the critters
lost in my sweet dreams all this a fantasy
how I wish in real time under a black sky
in my hallucinations under a blood moon
when I sleep in my coffin with the snoring
impaler Vlad in his casket i pray oh lord that
I do not wake up with a gnarling forehead
a head of squiggly hissing forked tongue snakes
rather I get up rubbing my eyes back to sanity
before then let me indulge once more have my honey and...
hide with the critters under the bushes with my balaclava
roost with the songbirds in their sanctuary with my ocarina
with treats nap with the feral cats purring in their cozy nook
hang toes with the bats in their cathedral in my white cloak
sleep between boulders with the iguanas in their rock crevices
sun setting croak tenor at the creek with bullfrogs the crickets
feast with the chipmunks in their den with my nutcracker
sit at anteaters’ dining table with my brown sugar shaker
sing second voice with the crowing blackbirds in the twilight
as we chase the mourning doves bell-whistling wings in flight
float in a flowing soft color silk cape with the gossamer wings
now under a dusk moon with the satyrs phallic saints the nymphs
goat Pan tranquil with the red roses crown around his ionic horns
sat and play the syrinx in the center of naked nine muses carrying on
a continual feast of mythical bacchus joy the fragile nymphs hypnotized
sashay in cloud nine ecstasy as i hear the pipe fading rubbing my eyes
‘’ ‘morning Vlad know you are there”
Photo: Public Domain

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