Red Flowers

Cupid is Around
              Red Flowers
Staring out transfixed at the white landscape
Of falling crystal star flakes into abandoned
Town streets one feels isolated a lonely soul
Searching for happy times from far away memories
The air of cold winter days hang around unwanted
Tropical scenes of pink flamingos everglades crocodiles
Come back tiptoeing and swimming in one’s mind
Looking at the icicles drip from a bedroom window
Memories of summer shindigs of love give you a warm feeling
With your beloved rocking and slow dancing the night
You polka to accordion reeds under streaks of purplish sky
Blowing kisses to Cherubs as you both fly to a berry moon
Memories of pebble beaches sandy white raven as well
Of sun warmed breezes caressing your half naked body
In total harmony and surrender to the setting amber sun
Slacking loose on a sand hugging chair just dreaming away into
The memories of Thanksgiving the golden leaves the cool breeze
The onset of the season of giving the joy of sharing a smile
With the flying jewels yet around in the melting waning cold days
Hovering sipping red flowers bring Cupid back in your mind
Photo: ndr Our backyard in Durham, the Durham Tobacco Trail, NC, December 2010

Is that The Boston Pops Orchestra? The Stars and Stripes Forever! Wow! Happy days are here again!

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about 2 years

Awfully good.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

Thank you for liking. Appreciate it much.

over 2 years

Valentine's Day in a few

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

Thanks Brod. Happpy Valentine’s to you and Sim.

Glad you like.

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