But that is love
In the way you fashioned it
After all the time all the longings
After all the tears all the laughters
The talks about tomorrows
Time valued reflections, gazing
The mint smell of breeze swaying lush
Emeralds of hope, star fixed sunflowers
Budding for light rays of sun interstitially
Riffling dense narcissus over fields of green
Now blanketed by the grayish sky
Steadily darkening over roses and
Honey lavenders of our innocent
Youthful halcyon shared goals
Still the little that is left
Rekindling flickering glowing embers
Touches refused, in time so short
Had died in the lips of hope.
NDR 7.27.2016
Written in 1970 (rev. 7.26.2016), a year before moving on to a greener
pasture, the USA. Rising like a Phoenix, spirit unbroken, the sun
found its way into my dreams. Rest is history.

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